Elyon Free Base Game Package For Free (No longer Working)

Elyon $30 Base Game Package

In Elyon Online, it was never a FreeToPlay game until they changed it’s business model prior to launching.

While there are two current ways to play Elyon Online, through KakaoGames own launcher or through steam.

However, did you know, there is a huge difference between the two.

If you play through KakaoGames, you do not get any additional benefits besides the actual base game.

Playing through steam on the other hand, Elyon “Free to Play” will grant your KakaoGames account the free $30 base game package that comes with the following rewards

  • Ruby Box 2,000+50 (Premium Currency)
  • Glorious Wings Wingsuit
  • Hoverboard Mount
  • Siamese Cat
  • Ressurrection Scroll x5
Elyon Base Game Freebies Image


This is no longer working!!!

Head to the following link

Find The Following and press Play Game

Elyon Free To Play Steam

Install the game and launch it

Bind your Kakaogames with Steam (you can remove this later through https://account.playkakaogames.com/account/connection)

Elyon Steam Unlink

Restart the Steam’s Elyon Launcher and log in again

Go back to Kakao Games Web Inventory

Enjoy your freebies without paying a single dime 🙂

Elyon Base Game Freebies


What’s The Difference In Using KakaoGames Launcher & Steam

None, no difference, if they are bind to the same KakaoGames account, if you don’t want to use steam launcher, you can just go back to use KakaoGames launcher or vice versa.

Is this Bannable

No, absolutely not. I wouldn’t even consider this an exploit, considering you are only claiming the rewards once.


This has been patched after the maintenance today. If you got it prior and sent everything to your in-game giftbox, you get to keep all the benefits. If you didn’t then you missed out.

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