EpicGames Is Giving Away Free Games For Christmas (ENDED)




Epic Games

Epic Games is a game distributor platform, in fact it is steam’s biggest competitor. In terms of popularity, it does not even compare.

If we shed some history on Epic Games. It was never a game distributing platform like steam was. It was a small time publisher that published mega-hit battle royale game Fortnight.

While players of the community were mostly all happy with Steam, the game developers on the other hand was not so much. The main reason was due to steam taking a noticeable cut of every sale made on it’s platform. However, due to the incapability of making it’s own distributing platform nor it’s budget for large scale marketing. Majority of the game developers ends up using steam regardless. After all, not everyone can have it’s own platform like Blizzard and still makes a killing without steam’s help.

So how does this tie back with Epic Games?

With their mega-hit Fortnight, they had too much money lying around, so instead of investing in the game itself and potential titles, Epic games decided to compete with steam. While it’s fighting a monolith in the industry, EG instead plays dirty by signing exclusive distribution agreements with game developers while promising a much better business model to the game developers such as receiving a much smaller cut of sales. However, in return, it was the community which took a hit since they did not have the resources for any consumer support. This is one of the biggest issues why the community refused to use Epic Games. If they run into an issue, chances are, it will take forever to resolve as opposed to Steam’s excellent customer service support.

Another tactic Epic Games does is to provide tons of Free Games on it’s platform to attract the community to make the switch. During this Christmas, this is exactly what Epic Games is doing.

For me, it’s a free game, as long it works and playable, I will be a happy panda. While, if I had to choose a platform to play games, it would be steam without a question.

List of Free Games For Christmas

December 17th: Cities Skylines
December 18th: Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty
December 19th: The Long Dark
December 20th: Defense Grid: The Awakening
December 21st: Alien: Isolation
December 22nd: Metro: 2033 Redux
December 23rd: Tropico 5
December 24th: Inside
December 25th: Darkest Dungeon
December 26th: My Time at Portia
December 27th: Night in the Woods
December 28th: Stranded Deep
December 29th: Solitairica
December 30th: Torchlight II
December 31st: Jurassic World Evolution

On top of this, Epic Games have been giving out at least 1 free game title each month.

Make sure to always check it out, we set up a discord bot to notify everyone. Be sure to join our Discord Channel.

EpicGames Bonus Games Purchased Free

As always with Free Games purchased from Epic Games Store. The only catch is that you need an registered Epic account which luckily is Free.

It has been reported in the past, some users will be required to have 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) enable in order to claim these games.

I was one of the fortunate people who didn’t need to have it enabled.

So what you waiting for guys, get them quick now before you miss out.