World of Warcraft – Tuskarr Training Dummy Broken?

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

World of Warcraft Dragonflight has been one of the better expansions released so far by Activision-Blizzard in the past decade. However, all good things don’t always come flawless. For example, a smooth launch is something nearly all MMORPGs struggle with and World of Warcraft is no exception. Season 1 DragonFlight just launched a few hours ago and both the Auction House and the PVP Vendor was disabled without any prior Blue Post or warning.

Blizz Bug Report

Let’s show some love to get Blizzard’s attention: on the bug report in their official forums. Tuskarr Training Dummy Toy “Was not found” – Support / Bug Report – World of Warcraft Forums (


Tuskarr Training Dummy is a toy that is given from the Quest: Testing the Tuskarrsenal. However, upon receiving the toy, it is shown as a Question Mark with no tooltip despite being learnable. After you learn the toy, the icon still shows as a blank question mark shown in the image below.

World of Warcraft - Tuskarr Training Dummy Toy
Tuskarr Training Dummy Toy

When asked guildies if they could click the item and if it is still a “Blank tooltip” their response was it is not shown up for them either.

World of Warcraft - Tuskarr Training Dummy Guildies can't click
Tuskarr Training Dummy – Guildies can’t click

Lastly, I have switched characters shown in the video below, and the item seems to be character-bound only as it does not show under any filter on the alt character who has not completed that quest yet. Please excuse my constant Error WoW51900319 Disconnecting as clearly Blizzard hasn’t finished the issues yet.

Tuskarr Training Dummy Toy Broken
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