World of Warcraft – Phasing/Lag and or Disconnecting Issues?

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

World of Warcraft Dragonflight has been one of the better expansions released so far by Activision-Blizzard in the past decade. However, all good things don’t always come flawless. For example, a smooth launch is something nearly all MMORPGs struggle with, and World of Warcraft is no exception. Season 1 DragonFlight just launched a few hours ago and both the Auction House and the PVP Vendor was disabled without any prior Blue Post or warning.

Blizz Bug Report

Let’s show some love to get Blizzard’s attention: on the bug report in their official forums. Phasing – Lag – Frozen – Unplayable – Support / Bug Report – World of Warcraft Forums


Phasing Issue – As you can see in the video below, after you join a party, sometimes you are unable to phase into party lead’s shard. Which isn’t the worse of it, as there are a few ways to force a shard change such as

  • Suiciding (Kill yourself)
  • Enter and leaving a dungeon/raid
  • Enter and leaving an Inn
  • Enter and leave the actual zone

While it is a littler inconvenient, the current issue takes it one step further, as shown below, the character itself is now frozen, you can move around but cannot cast skills. You can chat but as we known in the past, chat servers are separate from the game servers itself as any action you do will be “rolled back” when you relog back in.

I am having similiar issues to this.
I have tried the following
-Installed a Fresh WoW (Fresh WTF/Interface aswell)
-Winsock Reset
-DNS Flush
-Repair Game
-Deleted Cache
-Disabled Addons

Also, I am facing the following issues

  • Sometimes I cannot even enter the game, it will DC during Character Select or sometimes it will DC after selecting a Character.
  • Sometimes I can get into the game to instantly DC
  • When I party up, sometimes I won’t be able to Phase to party leader’s phase.
  • Sometimes when I try force a phase via (Dying, Inn Keeper, Changing zones, Zoning into a dungeon) I crash instead, when attempting to log back in, it will get stuck on the loading screen indefinitely until Alt+F4 and repeat. If I don’t get kicked in that Raid/Party, I will be unable to relog back in at all.
  • Sometimes, when I get on the Dragon Riding mount, and start flying, I instantly crash.

Lastly, if you mix this along with the constant Error WoW51900319 Disconnecting, someone with less patience than me would have clearly quitted the game by now. This issue wasn’t around in Shadowlands so there is 100% something up with the new expansion.

Frozen while Phasing
Fayie Enterprise