World of Warcraft – Hydro Tuskarr WQ Bugged

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

World of Warcraft Dragonflight has been one of the better expansions released so far by Activision-Blizzard in the past decade. However, all good things don’t always come flawless. This is the second time I have encountered this bug since DF launched as this World Quest has made it back into its second literation already.


I have noticed two seperate bugs with this World Quest, where the first one is the inability to interact with the Watergliders/Waterwalkers on the table shown below.

WoW DF - Hydro Tuskarr Interaction Table
Hydro Tuskarr Interaction Table

The second one is if you click the Blue glow one which is called Iskaara Waterwalkers, it will provide you with the ability to walk on water but no fishing net or spear, further not giving you the option to switch to the “green” version which is Iskaara Watergliders. This is shown in the video below.

However, luckily for the second bug, you can phase out or leave the zone to remove the zone ability and re-pick the green version which allows you to complete the World Quest.

Hydro Tuskarr Worldquest Bugged.
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