Tower of God: Great Journey – Shop Not Refreshed Properly

Tower of God: Great Journey

Tower of God has been one of the biggest known WebToons series on All manga readers have at least heard of this series, while reading & enjoying it is another story.

Recently, during valentines this month, Tower of God released globally their Mobile Gacha game and while it is not a genre I usually dabble in, I can say, Tower of God: Great Journey is great enjoyable. Funny enough, the one thing most publishers/developers manage to always perfect is the thing that Tower of God’s publisher: Ngelgames failed to perfect.

Bug Report

Have reported it through a Ticket


Not sure exactly when it started to happen but all purchases that is made with real currency is marked under “unknown” and unable to be purchased. A simple app restart & cache deletion does not fix the issue.


Reinstalling the game entirely.

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