Guild Wars 2 – Wizard Vault – Visual Icon Bug

Guild Wars 2 – Wizard Vault – Visual Icon Bug

Guild Wars 2, one of the most popular MMORPGs that is still around in the 2023 MMORPG drought era. This is an MMORPG where you either love it or hate it and there is no real right answer to it.

This bug is only a visual issue where your character receive the red notification alert at the top left corner of their screen showing that they have 1 pending quest rewards to obtain.

However, once you go open the Wizard Vault UI, it shows an “!” in the special tab stating the pending item is there but once you reach there there is nothing to grab.

GW2 Wizard Vault - Top UI Visual Bug
Top UI Visual Bug

Bug Report

Have reported it through a Ticket via email for the meantime and will update what they say.

Thanks for contacting us! Your request (9070250: Wizard Vault Visual Bug) has been received and is being reviewed by our Support team.

Just an update on this one. We would like to inform you that the Guild Wars 2 Development Team is now aware of the visual issue on the Wizard’s Vault Objective and team members currently are working on addressing it. Please keep an eye on the official forums for any future updates and announcements regarding Guild Wars 2.

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The UI Wizard Vault has a visual icon bug.


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GW2 - Wizard Vault Visual Icon Bug Demo
Wizard Vault Visual Icon Bug Demo
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