Guild Wars 2 – The Great Escape Achievement Bug

Guild Wars 2 – The Great Escape Achievement Bug

Guild Wars 2, one of the most popular MMORPGs that is still around in the 2023 MMORPG drought era. This is a MMORPG where you either love it or hate it and there is no real right answer to it.

The achievement, The Great Escape can be obtained only in the End of Dragons Expansion during the prologue scene where you release yourself from your cell after a crash landing on the continent of Cantha before the person who rescued you; a black hatted man (Detective Rama) comes by and frees you anyways. Whether you do or not do this achievement, you will be released from jail regardless so there is no affect on the story line except for slightly different conversations.


Do nothing and wait to be Freed

Big-Hatted Man: All right, outsiders. Your time’s up.

Gorrik: “Time’s up”? Are we…being executed?

Big-Hatted Man: What? What’s the matter with you? Your friends negotiated your release.

Gorrik: Our friends…?

Escape Jail for Achievement

Gorrik: Oh, we did it. Good! Now let’s get out of here!

Big-Hatted Man: Hey! Stop right there!

Big-Hatted Man: Well, this is awkward. or You guys can’t stop causing trouble.

Gorrik: We, uh, needed some exercise.

Big-Hatted Man: Save it. I was on my way to let you out anyway. They’ve negotiated your release.

Gorrik: “They?” Who’s “they”?

Highlighted above, the conversation starts off with Rama telling us time is up before transiting into the Escape Jail conversation telling us that we can’t stop causing trouble since we already freed ourselves.

Bug Report

Have reported it through a Ticket however, GW2 did not acknowledge the bug and asked me to re-do the instance instead.

Guild Wars 2 - The Great Escape Achievement Bug CS Reply
CS Reply


It is possible to trigger both conversations at the same time but it will not grant you the achievement shown in the picture below.


It may bug out sometimes & trigger both conversations so re-doing it will resolve it.

Guild Wars 2 - The Great Escape Achievement Bug
Guild Wars 2 – The Great Escape Achievement Bug
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