Guild Wars 2 – Bag of Coins Bug

Guild Wars 2 – Bag of Coins Item Bug

Guild Wars 2, one of the most popular MMORPGs that is still around in the 2023 MMORPG drought era. This is a MMORPG where you either love it or hate it and there is no real right answer to it.

This bug is where your character receive the item Bag of Coins which is suppose to give you some coins (in game currency) usually in the silvers amount. However, upon right clicking the item (or double clicking) the item is unable to be used, and the “use” menu does not show. It only shows “Destroy” & “Use All”. I have not “Destroyed” the item but I can also confirm “Use All” also does not work.

Upon pressing “Use All” shown in the video below, it will do nothing, but once you close your inventory, it will forcefully cancel the attempt to use it and produce a red error text.

Guild Wars 2 - Bag of Coins Right Click
Bag of Coins Right Click

Bug Report

Have reported it through a Ticket via email for the meantime and will update what they say.

Thanks for contacting us! Your request (9068398: Bag of Coins Bug (Cannot use)) has been received and is being reviewed by our Support team.

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The item Bag of Coins is unusable.


  • Leave any kind of instanced place (PVP, Mistlock Pass etc) and go into a Open World Area such as Lion Arc.
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