BDO – Nouver & Kutum Do Not Share Agris Essences Stacks

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Black Desert Online, one of the most popular MMORPGs that is still around in the 2024, this is an MMORPG where you really either love it or hate it and there is no real answer nor the middle ground to this conversation.

This bug shows that despite the official BDO patch notes saying All Yellow Grade Weapons will share the same stacks

Unlike accessories, weapons and defense gear (such as Blackstar, Fallen God, etc.) store Agris Essence by set groups. In other words, you will retain the same amount of Agris Essence stored when attempting to switch enhancing from Blackstar Longsword to Blackstar Greatsword, as long as the weapons are at the identical enhancement level. For more details on required Agris Essence and weapon/armor groups, please refer to the information below.

Patch Notes April 17 2024

We have found that Kutum & Nouver do not actually share the same Agris Essences Stacks.

BDO - Agris Essences Stacks - Set Groups Bug
Agris Essences Stacks – Yellow Weapon Set Groups Bug

Bug Report

Have reported it through a Ticket via their Support Ticket System


Agris Essences Stacks is not in set groups as promised in the patch notes, where Kutum & Nouver weapons both fall under the same “Yellow Grade Weapon”. Despite this, their failstacks do not share when enhancing from the same Level Across.

This issue may be the same across other set groups such as the Godr weapons as my March 2024 PEN Godr Mainhead weapons fails shows up as 0 Agris Essence Stacks on my TET Subweapon. I do not have a TET Godr Awakening Weapon to check as well but according to the patch notes.

All enhancement attempts made after Jan 1, 2024, will factor into the stored Agris Essence amount for your enhanceable gear/accessories.

Patch Notes April 17 2024

Meaning my March 2024 fails should technically be transferred across, which it did for the Kutum sub weapon but not Godr Weapons.



  • None, Pray that Pearl Abyss would recognise it as a problem instead of an feature and fix it.
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