BDO – Magnus Abyssal Well Becomes Non-Usable

Black Desert Online – Abyss One Questline – Well Becomes Non-Usable

Black Desert Online, one of the most popular MMORPGs that is still around in the 2024, this is an MMORPG where you really either love it or hate it and there is no real answer nor the middle ground to this conversation.

This bug is not only an annoying visual issue but it actually completely stops you from interacting with the Abyssal Well making you do 2 loading screens to teleport to the major cities as opposed to just the one.

However, after extensive testing, we have found and concluded that this is a bug you can fix by taking less than a minute of your time although it would be more perferred if PA decides to fix the bug entirely instead.

Bug Report

Have reported it through a Ticket via their Support Ticket System


The Abyssal Well becomes unusable the moment you abandon the quest [The Magnus] Bloody Eyes in the Well. This is the 3rd quest in the Abyss One questline.

However, the bug is shown by an very annoying flickering of the well’s “blue ball”, and while you cannot interact with the well to show you which destination you want to teleport to, you are still able to jump in the well to enter the Abyss and then teleport to your major city from there. Which is an annoyance as that requires an additional long load screen.

Black Desert Online - Magnus Well Bug
Abyssal Well Constant Blinking


  • Accept the quest [The Magnus] Bloody Eyes in the Well. The moment you accept the quest, the well becomes interact-able once again regardless whether you complete it or not.
  • If you want to abandon the Abyss One questline since you completed it on another character already, it is safe to abandon the subsequent quest after [The Magnus] Bloody Eyes in the Well as they do not currently bug out of well’s functionality. Further, if you never started the questline, ([The Magnus] Nostalgic for Velia), that goes for both accepting or completing it, the well is still 100% functional provided you completed the questline and and activated it for that city’s well on another another character.
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