Fire Draka Fanart

5★ Draka

5★ Draka is one of the OGs Puncture Astromons, is this cute little Dragon a gamechanger that is worth rebirthing for? Find out today!

Swords of legends Review

Swords of Legends Online Review

Swords of legends is an open world action combat MMORPG that is heavily advertised as the perfect Western MMORPG that is not Pay2Win.

Elyon Online Classes

Elyon Class & Artifact Overview

Elyon Online does not have genderlock or racelocks restrictions, there is a total of 6 playable classes to choose from in this Holy Trinity PVP Based MMORPG

MSL Dark Variant Incubus

4★ Incubus

4★ Rebirth Event in Monster Super League brings back Incubus. Is this Cute Lilian Male Demon worth getting?

Fayie Enterprise